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Company Overview

Yuri Software offers a line of software products and consulting services for the financial markets and other vertical industries. We have an extensive expertise in building mission-critical, line-of-business applications that cover the entire span of IT operations of various size businesses -- from the back office to transactional databases, mainframe and legacy system integration, Internet and intranet applications, desktop applications, and other IT areas.

Our software development expertise encompasses the full spectrum of Microsoft platforms and technologies. We develop for the Windows and SQL Server platforms using tools from the low level Visual C++ to the high productivity Visual Basic, including a variety of new .NET technologies. A number of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers serve on our staff. We also work with and interface to numerous other platforms such as mainframe and UNIX systems.

We also have a wide range of experience in networking and IT infrastructure development and maintenance. We often perform IT operations for our customers, including hardware, communications, local and wide area networks, Internet and wireless connectivity.


Yuri Software was founded in 1997 in San Diego, California. We focus our efforts on serving the financial industry, and over the years acquired a lineup of customers like Deutsche Bank, Dreyfus, TD Waterhouse, and Federal Reserve Bank. We have worked on a variety of different size projects, from small to large, mission-critical systems in the core business areas of the customer. A case study published by Microsoft details one of the projects we did for Jack White & Co (requires Acrobat Reader).

Why Customers Choose Us

We bring years of technology and production expertise to our customers. When a system needs to be developed with the mission-critical quality and deployed on a compressed schedule, we deliver the level of service not available from other sources.

Mission Statement

At Yuri Software, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We put all our efforts and resources toward the goal of meeting and exceeding expectations of our customers.

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